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Custom stereo install in 2004 ar
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Posted by Santa Monicar on 2004-06-20 22:29:37

Here are pictures of the stereo installation I just had done in my 2004 allroad.

The sound is audiophile perfection. It's from Reus Systems in Anaheim. They're not a retail store -- they're located in an industrial center, and they only do high-end installs. They also create OEM audio systems for car manufacturers. Chrysler, BMW and others hire them to create the manufacturer's optional high-end stereo systems -- Reus creates the systems, then ships the parts to the manufacturer. Reus is so revered for what they do that they travel around the country to do installs -- the buyer just picks up the tab for the installer's travel and expenses. They design and manufacture their own speakers, amps and subwoofers. They are extremely knowledgeable about sound and acoustics in cars, and their customer service is impeccable.

They're not inexpensive, but if you really care about audiophile sound quality in your car, look no further. Prices range from $1,500 to the stratosphere... $5,000, $7,500, $35,000, $75,000 and above. Most of the cars they do are Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and high-end SUV's. My 04 ar was their first allroad. (You can find a lot of great reviews of their installs in Porsche discussion forums.) They also do a lot of video systems with LCD monitors in seatbacks, DVD players, DirecTV, PS2, etc., as well as radar detector systems integrated into the car, with sensors behind the bumpers and audio and visual signals integrated into the car's electronics. I usually do a lot of research before I make a big purchase like this, talking to people at lots of car stereo shops, looking for comments on the Web and auditioning systems. But one visit to Reus was all it took. I didn't bother to look elsewhere. They're that good.

If anyone is considering them, give Rick Reus a call and ask him about listening to my system. He can get a hold of me, and I'm happy to audition it for you. http://www.reusaudio.com

(I don't have any connection or interest in Reus - I just think they did such an incredible job that I want to spread the word.)

For my install, they kept the Audi head unit, replaced all the speakers and the subwoofer with their own custom-designed ones, installed 2 tweeters in the rear-view mirror, and added 2 amps. I wanted the system to look factory as much as possible. Unless you open the cargo floor to see the amps, or the right cargo hatch to see the subwoofer, the only difference you can see are the tweeter grills in the back of the mirror (which you never see anyway unless you're looking carefully for them).

Here are the pics:

The 2 amps installed over the spare tire. The white coupler at the rear right disconnects and the platform lifts up in order to access the tire.

Tweeters installed in the rear-view mirror lift vocals so they're placed sonically higher in the car. You can't see the 2 grills behind the mirror from the outside unless you look closely.

Replacement subwoofer installed where the OEM subwoofer goes.


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