Reus Audio Systems - High Performance Automotive Audio Systems


Reus builds each system to match the accoustics of your car.

For many people, music is very personal. For others it is only a medium of entertainment. That is why we are not interested in installing a multi thousand dollar installation when a more economical installation will suffice.

Almost all Reus designed systems are vehicle specific. Your car is not an experiment. We design and engineer our own speakers and where a correct aftermarket amplifier is not suitable, we build one to spec. Fashion and gimmicks are discarded and only meaningful technology is employed in each system design and installation. More power or bigger speakers and magnets do not necessarily mean better. Reus Systems blueprints to a sound. Some vehicles due to their acoustic limitations require more parts while others require less. The goal is to achieve the highest ratio of musical payback per dollar invested - not the highest amount of amplifiers and speakers per buck spent.

Reus Systems has years of experience refining system designs to OEM specification where components integrate seamlessly within the vehicle. Every part is machined to spec and fits in the vehicle as if the manufacturer designed it. The fit and finish of even the most basic bracket is refined and complete. The only time a Reus installation is noticed is when the system is turned on. Our installations are spectacular in their elegance and simplicity. Every Reus designed system from the “entry-level” speaker systems to the multi-thousand dollar “SOTA Systems” share the same integrity of engineering.