Reus Audio Systems - High Performance Automotive Audio Systems


We do what we do best, and we know
others with the same committment.

To excel to in a competitive arena one must focus precisely on one area of business. For Reus Systems it is mobile audio. We are not distracted by doing suspensions, wheels, grills, window tints etc. All of our resources are channeled in research and development as well as engineered installations of 12-volt products for your vehicle. Reus Systems unlike most other car audio companies has not been forced to integrate “non audio” related products in an attempt to adjust to today's business climate which is a very powerful statement. Our lead time for installations is currently longer than any time in the company's history.

We do however coordinate our efforts with specialists in other areas when one wishes to have his or her vehicle differentiated. We know who the most capable specialists concerning suspensions, wheels, interiors, ECUs, paintwork and high performance exhausts etc are throughout the country. They trust us with their customer's vehicles and we trust their expertise and integrity with our clients. Specialists such as Detailing Dynamics in NY or Motorwerks of Houston or House of Colors in Ca. who have the same level of experience, pride and passion in their area of expertise as we do with auto sound. Should one require these services and would like us to coordinate or make recommendations of whom to see, we can accommodate you.