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Reus enginners start with quality products,
and then improve them.

Because Reus Systems has been bred with the OEM mentality, we avoided that area of auto sound where installations were “creative first timers” and lots of “funny stuff” was done to the cars. As a result our systems have been among the most reliable in the industry. This allows us to offer warranty and services that are benchmark in the 12-volt industry. We still service, warrant and upgrade Concord and Nakamichi based systems installed 25 years ago.

The Reus Systems database is extensive throughout North America and encompasses people from all walks of life. We do not differentiate our level of service. The care and respect provided for the “sub one thousand dollar” system is as intense as that for the “multi-thousand dollar” installation. We understand the demands and time constraints one has to deal with. Performing installations from Los Angeles to New York is routine for us and most are performed on site. For those who wish to visit our facility, transportation from and to the airport can be provided. If one is ordering a new car and wishes to have the system installed before delivery, we will arrange it. Where that is not feasible, vehicle pickup and delivery is available. System transfers from lease terminations are timely. If a special system is ordered that requires precision machining of parts, we will arrange to have the vehicle shipped to our facility from anywhere in North America.